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Monday, July 03, 2006

"Family Matters"

Yes, I know I haven't blogged on here in a year. I was pretty addicted to Xanga but have found I just don't read those blogs like I use to.

I love the family "feel" here and hope to gain some family friends of my own.

My 3 grandchildren from Miami are here for about a month or longer. Its been two weeks today.... whew are they a hand full and do I ever feel old. I have decided I don't care what my house looks like or I look like as long as I am doing something with the kids or watching them do something. Its been so hot they haven't wanted to ride their 4 wheelers as much because of all the "gear" their Dad makes them put on. ( He is a little "anal" about things like that!) If they were my children they could go with the helmet and that'd be great but their not and I have to follow some rules. But I don't hear myself saying, "not right now, or just wait a minute". Its, "okay, lets do that now" or "how about we do this instead?" My laundry room is full of 4 wheeler gear and shoes of all sizes and the hampers are full. I can't believe how many clothes these little people wear!!! I have two guest rooms but right now one is a play room and one is the "sleeping room". I don't think I have made a bed since they have been here!! Its just fun, fun, fun.!!

Isn't that what we want from our heavenly Father?? Love, attention and to have him listen to us right now and not in a few minutes or wait till I get time or I just can't do it now. Or my favorite, I promise you we will, but just not right now! My earthly Father was always there for me too and he always knew when I needed him or just needed to talk or to have a hug. He was the best Dad anyone could ever have. He was so loving and kind and full of joy, I think thats why I have such a great feeling toward God. I fear Him out of respect but I love him for the the pure fact he loves me and I know it!!! I want my grandchildren to know the love that I had as a child and an adultand more than that I want them to know and feel the love of God. I just wish my Dad were here to enjoy them with us. He would have been right in the middle of all of it. Enjoy your parents and your grandchildren while you still can, we never know what tomorrow holds!!

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  1. Welcome back to blogger. Although I feel funny welcoming you - you've been around longer than me! :-)