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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Big Mom

My MIL is under hospice care for 2 days a week and has been for about 6 months now. She is a very independent woman and very hard headed....like most of us are. She has end stage COPD and can barely walk across the floor without giving out of air. She uses a walker and has been on oxygen for over 2 yrs. Her mind is starting to get bad and she is forgetful and has a few times where she mumbles and such. The Dr. says this is just part of her disease and will only get worse with time. Monday night (11th of Jan) she called our house at 10:30 PM which is a oddity for her. She normally goes to bed at 7PM. She said she needed Bill so he got on the phone. She was saying all sorts of strange things. Said she needed to go to the church and get her car cause she had left it up there earlier when the meeting was over. She needed to lock the door to the church and that she had a bedroom in the back of the church. Then she kept saying she had try to work over to Johns but came back and her walker was outside and she needed it. Bill told her she was just dreaming. She said well its awful real but I still need you to come get my walker out of the backyard. So, Bill went up there and found her walker out in the back yard and her grabbit stick behind the screened in porch. So, she did go outside that night. She has had really bad memory this week and even called Bill to ask him what things are. She couldn't remember my name yesterday. She is getting real confused. Wanted to start this journal so we would have an account of what was going on with her. Its seems the end is getting closer for her or else she is just going to get worse and worse and suffer. I pray that doesn't happen.

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