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Thursday, May 20, 2010

As My Garden Grows!!

Me and my cowboy.  We were riding on our four wheeler and stopped in a really wide creek to cool off.  Our best friends were on another four wheeler.  We had a blast!!

Boy you can really see a difference in my tomatoe plants.  I have been fertilizing them with coffee grounds. 

Big Difference, huh?  They have some blooms on them and so do all our pepper plants.  I love it....the squash are getting
really big now too!
Our calves are really growing too.  Here are the 3 newest calves.....they hang out together and its so cute!

Tomorrow my 70 year old cousin and I are going to visit with our Aunt Ruth who is 84 years old.  She is blind and lives all alone.  Its really a sad situation.  She made her daughter mad and her daughter hasn't been to see her in a year since she's gone blind.  My Aunts next door neighbors were helping her and taking her to the Dr. and doing her grocery shopping and paying her bills cause she can't see to do it or to drive.  Well, they ended up stealing a LOT of money from her.  We live an hour away so its not fesible for us to take care of her.  She has alienated everyone, she doesn't trust anyone and she is very bitter.  She is a very attractive woman.  She is my Mother's younger sister.   Out of 7 children she is the only one living.  When we visit, I can hear my mother in her....she has a blunt type of personality and since I was so use to my Mom being that way, my Aunt doesn't bother me.  I just can't understand why her & her daughter try to work things out.  She has a son that she hasn't seen in 40 years.  He moved away and didn't want to hear from them again.  Her daughter is married and well off and she doesn't have any children.  Her son has a daughter that lived with her Mom until she got married and she has a little boy......My Aunts only grandchild.  I am hoping to take some pictures of her and my cousin tomorrow.  I will post them later.
I have been crafting all week!!  I painted a really neat bench for our back porch, and I made some cute flip flops for my granddaugther, and I hade some signs to put up in my laundry room and I made a dry board message center.  Here they are:

Aren't they cute? I made her a hair bow to match.
Goodnight....I am tired and I have to get up early in the morning!

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