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Sunday, May 02, 2010

"Our Farm In Bloom"

I just love the farm this time of year. Everything is so pretty and green and yellow clover is growing everywhere and the miniature daisies. I just want to stop and pick them all. The calves are running all over the place. It reminds me of some church picnic's we use to have when I was a child. All the adults when congregate in one area and the kids would be all over the place running and playing. That's what the calves do. They play tag, hide and seek, and follow the leader. I just love watching them.
We had someone fertilizing the pasture last week and he left the gate open. Well, I started hearing "moo" sounds coming from the back yard. I opened the door and there was about 50 cows and calves all around my yard.... I just knew they had eaten my plants. I started hollering "haw" to them and then here came the dogs pouncing through the door. Elwood, the Min Pin weighs all of 10 lbs was the first one out the door and then Petey Pie whose head is bigger than all of Elwood. They both start rounding up all the cows and ran them right back through the gate. I just love me some good 'ole cow dogs. Our pit bull- Tick...well, she just stood on the porch and cheered Elwood and Petey on by barking instructions to them. No plants were harmed!!

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