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Monday, May 03, 2010

"My Cowboys Trip to The Orthopedic Dr."

I took my cowboy to his appointment today to find out if he can put weight on his right leg.  The end of March while visiting friends in Ga he fell down two steps and broke his leg and crushed his ankle.  He had to have surgery and pins and screws put into his ankle.  Our ortho Dr has been a long time friend as I use to work with him.  My cowboy was suppose to be wearing a leg brace for the last two weeks after getting his cast off.....well, as you know Cowboys are "tuffer" than other folks so they think they are ten foot tall and bullet proof.  He quit wearing his brace a week ago, only using crutches to get around the house and putting a little pressure on his foot.  They took xrays today and the Dr. came in and said, your ankle is separating alittle like you've put some weight on it.......(ME=Big Grin)  I said, oops you got caught.  Then he asked him if the crutches were just for show?  And Dr. said I saw you hopping down the hall awhile ago with your crutches......and grinning!  He asked him if it hurt and my cowboy says, nah it don't hurt.  Dr told him he was going to have to wear a brace on his ankle to keep the screw from coming out.  Then my cowboy said, can I have a few more pain pills too?  The Dr. looked at him and grinned, I thought you said it didn't hurt??  Caught cha!! 
Here is a picture after his surgery:   He does have some nice legs! :-)

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