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Sunday, May 02, 2010

"Rainy Sunday"

A great day to stay inside and watch movies and eat!!  We watched a few old cowboy westerns on the movie channel.  Robert Mitchum was the hero in one of them......love those eyes. 
           My plants are getting plenty of watering....hope they don't rot.
Rode around to the other side of the pasture (we call it the old horse pasture) to make sure one of the heifers was doing okay.  She is about to drop a calf and we just want to keep an eye on her especially during all this heavy rainfall.  She was still fat and full.  Our newest little bull calf is really starting to fill out.  He was kinda of a runt when he was born.  His Mom is really past her prime for calving and she never did have much milk.  But he has held his own and doing good and grazing right along with the others.  I named his Mom "Elsie" and he is "Lil Bull".  I love naming them real names instead of the red heifer or the brindle one......less description needed. 
Here is a picture of Elsie and Lil Bull:

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